Please, spring, I miss you.

Just a few musings as I sit here working on my term project.

SAD. I really think most Canadians suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder to a degree, most of us mildly, and some more severely. Nonetheless, it is part of the Canadian psyche.  But even those who usually seem quite immune to the “depressing” effects of winter are starting to crack. Give us a break – it has been the coldest winter in  Toronto that I can remember, and underlying everything in the back yard is that wonderful 2 inch layer of solid ice we got 2 days before Christmas.

So maybe if I go around singing “The sun will come out tomorrow”, the weather gods might actually respond and allow spring to come.

This winter has been hard on me, and on us. Dad passed away in January, and now Wendy’s brother has been diagnosed with pancreatic lesions – not cancer yet or hopefully never, but it is still scary.

I never realized how intense the research I’ve had to do was going to be. This term project has taken me twice as long as I thought it would, and every time I think I’m done, I read it again, and think of an approach or perspective I hadn’t seen before, so back to revisions. When I’m finally done, I am gonna post the darn thing like a trophy.

And coming full circle, all this down stuff is just being exacerbated by the absolute refusal of spring to actually begin.  🙂

Please, please, please if anyone has any pull, see if you can do something about this endless winter – lol.

Well, back to my project? Or wine and bed? Project? Wine? decisions, decisions – damn.




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